Friday, July 12, 2010
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The Multi-Poster 4 is the latest release in the multi-poster series. Completely re-written, completely re-designed, and completely customizeable. The all-new sending engine sports lightning fast speeds, allowing users to send a single post to hundreds of forums in seconds!

Typical useage example: A 1mbit broadband connection is able to send a maximum of 8 posts at the same time. If you have an 8mbit connection, that would allow 64 posts (8x8) to be sent at the same time, 16mbit would allow 128 posts (16x8) to be sent at the same time, 24mbit would allow 192 posts (24*8) to be sent at the same time! Depending on the speed of the websites you are sending to, all of these posts could be sent in as little time as 2 seconds. 192 posts sent in 2 seconds! Now thats fast!

Screenshot 3 - Distribution
  • All major forum types supported (phpb2, phpbb3, ipb2, ipb3, vBulletin).
  • Unlimited post que. Send as many posts as you like!
  • Unlimited forums, add as many forums as you like!
  • Complete BBCode-compliant post editor.
  • Lightning fast - send up to 250 posts in less than 2 seconds!
  • Unblockable - customizeable routines to avoid bot-detection and bot-blocking.
  • Ultra-lightweight - barely even uses any CPU or memory.
NEW Features
  • No more SQL-CE Required: The sql engine could be tiresome and sometimes difficult to install. By eliminating the need for this requirement, this problem is now completely solved.
  • Prefix support: A widely requested feature - now you can post to those forums you couldn't before!
  • Captcha integration: Including both generic and specific support - you are now able to comply with the forum requirements when a captcha system is present.
  • New distribution method and layout: Users are now able to choose which posts they want to send in their list, as well as view the progress of each post individually, allowing the user to see a complete and easy to read progression report of each and every post.
  • Link checking system: You can now instantly check the status of your links from within your post in the click of a button! Simply click the 'check links' button.
  • Template checker: General feedback shows that simple template ammendments vastly improve the success rate of each template. With the in-built template checker - the program now checks your templates for you and even suggests changes to get your template working like it should!
  • Smart filter hide-tag integration: You are now able to not only use hide tags for specific forums, you are also able to use selective filters, so only your links are hidden, not every [ code ] block in your post.
  • Link-backs to your posted topics: Another widely requested feature. Once the post has been sent, you are given the URL to your new post, as well as being able to double-click the link to view it.
  • Increased sending speed: The new engine has been specifically created for each and every forum type, rather than a traditional "generic" engine for all types. This means shortcuts and quicker routines can be optimized for each website type, resulting in drastically improved speeds.
  • Smart login/post detection for improved error reporting: Previous versions of the multi-poster series were reporting sucesses when in fact the post was not sent. The new improved system drastically improves detection rate. Combined with the template checking and link-back system, you can be confident that your post has been sent.
  • Automatic software update system: A feature that should have been added a long time ago. Not only are you informed of a new update, you can also automatically download the new update without having to visit the site. You can also see a changelog to find out whats new!
  • Preview Post: A feature all posters should have. View your post before you send it to ensure it looks exactly how you want it to look, and includes all the details you intend to add, as you want them to look.
  • Live Preview: Extending the preview feature, the live preview system allows you to change your post and view the results in real-time. Meaning you can play around with your post and see exactly how it looks in an instant, completely real-time.
Price: $20 - Single-user license. Free life-time updates plus access to the community forums. Click Here to buy.
PayPal Only. All information is sent to your PAYPAL email address.
Users that have purchased the application can download here Looking for something to organise your posts? Try the new and free Image Poster Recently updated and easier to use! Looking for something to organise your feed? Try the new and free Feed Updater Recently updated and easier to use! Looking for engine on PHP? Try the new and free Box Project Recently updated and easier to use! Looking turns searching for a movie a piece of cake? Try the new and free Movie Mogul Recently updated and easier to use!

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